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Truly, there are many agencies out there on the market offering you benefits to be gained but only specialist consultancy with dedicated consultants and resources will be able to fulfil all your specific needs. In recent years recruitment has become more and more personal, it seemed logical recruiters would become more interactive as well. We deal with our client′s requests not only in professional but in personal manner. All requirements are discussed upon the client visit. Our devoted consultants are there for you to get a full view of your culture, business objective and candidate criteria so immediately they are able to focus on the most suitable applicants.

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Want to Get The Best Resources?

Do not rely on press or web, get a dedicated consultant!

Nowadays good candidates do not stay active as job seekers for very long. In the past it was the newspapers and trade press′s which they have been scanning through to get a job – this is not the case today. Quality candidates will not read an advert in a newspaper or visit online job boards. They have become more and more passive but we have found our way of approaching them! We cannot broadcast our secret of getting the exclusive candidates but we can tell you that it is that proactive approach that a specialist consultancy can deliver that makes the difference in finding the elite of candidates.

A dedicated recruitment consultancy will meet your expectations by working for best interest of both parties. That relationship is both professional and positive from the outset. Our recruiters are willing to work with clients and applicants to advise clients if they are looking for a skill set that does not match the budget they have set. First Recruitment team do not only share in depth knowledge of the market with their clients but test candidates and advise if someone′s expectations of their skills are too high for what their market can currently bear.

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Knowing a bit more about recruitment market will help you to choose the best partner, who would be able to execute your demands effectively. When a consultancy understands your business with confidence they can benefit you with targeted assistance and knowledge of the current market values to attract top candidates

Agencies have trained and experienced recruiters, who are the best starting point to look after corporate businesses. Recruiters, who have in depth understanding of current market, benefit clients by tackling most styles of roles in a short period of time. Often delivery times are reduced by choosing the appropriate recruitment agency. It is important for a client with a difficult or specific need to deal with a company that understands exactly what they are looking for. Communicating your needs and requirements to dedicated consultants allows us to get the job done effectively. We at First Recruitment often surprise our clients with the calibre of candidates we attract in the short frame of time!

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Looking For The Greatest Option?

First Recruitment answers all your needs:

  • Reduction of payroll & recruiting and advertising expenses
  • Quality and reliable calibre of personnel supplied, fully assessed and referenced, at low cost
  • Client visit with a view of getting a full understanding of your culture, business objective and candidate criteria
  • Single point of contact with a experienced consultant with an ongoing advice
  • Assistance with current market values and trends to attract top candidates
  • Wider nets of targeted candidate attraction
  • Excellent rebate system protecting your investment
  • Time-saving – you will be interviewing only top candidates
  • Advice on many factors of employment law
  • Immediate contact – minimising lost production
  • Reduction of worker′s compensation liability
  • Wide range of tailored solutions

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