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Commitment to Quality

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Ensuring Quality And Positivity

Committed to Continual Improvement

Good employment relations are critical for maintaining the effectiveness of organisations and enhancing the quality of working life. First Recruitment Ltd is committed to improving employment relations by:

  • Promoting and supporting the use of good employment practice
  • Providing impartial advice and assistance on employment relations and employment policies and procedures
  • Publishing Codes of Practice
  • Encouraging employee involvement
  • Seeking the avoidance and resolution of employment disputes by agreement through conciliation, mediation or arbitration
  • Supporting research and promoting a wider knowledge of UK′s employment relations systems

We are committed to continuous improvement and quality measurement. We endeavour to provide the highest standards of service possible to meet our clients present and future needs. Customer feedback is a key element in measuring the achievement of our standards; for this reason we welcome comments, compliments or complaints so that we can correct any shortcomings if they arise. Full details on our compliment/complaint procedure are available on request.

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Helping Everyone Get The Opportunities They Deserve

Equal opportunity

First Recruitment believes in equal opportunity in every aspect of our organisation. We ensure that all applicants receive fair treatment and their only selected on their individual potential and ability to perform the role.

We are committed to positive employment policies to promote equal opportunity in employment. Our policy complies with all relevant legislation and codes of practice. We are also an equal opportunities employer and do not discriminate on any ground other than ability to carry out the task.

Our management personnel encourage employees with opportunities for training and promotion. We also make clear our commitment to the equal opportunity policy in any external advertisements for jobs.

To ensure that this policy is applied consistently we take steps to monitor its effectiveness and carry out occasional reviews.

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Making Sure Applicants Are Safe

Health & Safety

It is First Recruitment′s intent and legal duty to ensure that it conducts its business in such a way that persons not in its employment, who may be affected thereby, are not exposed to risks to their Health & Safety. Our aim is to ensure the compliance of health & safety law.

“All workers have a right to work in places where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled. Health and safety is about stopping you getting hurt at work or ill through work. Your employer is responsible for health and safety, but you must;′

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Curating The People Right For The Job

Screening & Interviewing Process

First Recruitment Ltd places an emphasis on skills testing as part of the recruitment and interview process. We develop skills tests based on your input about job requirements and its duties. They test everything from cognitive function in a series of tests, to hands-on demonstrations of trade-specific skills. We provide more in-depth and specific testing as part of the interview process is usually more expensive than general head-hunter services. This helps place more qualified and better employees with fewer layers of screening. We have a rigorous screening and interviewing process to provide our clients only the best calibre of candidates.

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