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Having the correct staff is the key to success for any business. Your time is valuable and recruiting is a risky business. Thus, why not utilise the expertise of First Recruitment to provide you with temporary and permanent staffing solutions. First Recruitment will carefully assess your staffing needs in consultancy with you and provide you the very best for your staffing needs.

In many ways, temporary workers are more attractive than permanent hires as you only need to pay a flat hourly rate, so you avoid hiring your own workers which means you might have to set up health care plans, pension funds, and other costly benefits. It is much cheaper to farm out human resources tasks to First Recruitment at an affordable rate. The client will receive one time sheet every Friday, finalising the workers′ hours, which would need to be faxed back. Subsequently the client will receive an invoice for the hours worked at the agreed hourly rate. It′s that simple!

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Ensuring Strict Confidentiality

Confidential Policy

Under regulations an employment agency or employment business must not disclose any information about a work-seeker without his/her prior consent unless it is to provide work-finding services for that work seeker; for the purposes of any legal proceedings (including arbitration); or in the case of a work-seeker, who is a member of a professional body, the provision of information to that professional body. The only exceptions to this would be where the agency or employment business is allowed under provisions of the Employment Agencies Act, these Regulations or any other piece of legislation dealing with the disclosure of information such as, the Data Protection Act 1998, to disclose confidential information about a work-seeker.

Regulation provides that an employment agency must not disclose information relating to a work-seeker to any current employer without the prior consent of the work-seeker. If the work-seeker gives consent and then withdraws it, the agency or employment business cannot consider itself to have the work-seeker′s prior consent. In addition, it may not make the provision of its services to that work-seeker conditional upon him/her either giving his/her consent or agreeing not to withdraw it once it has been given.

We maintain the privacy and security of the personal information of our clients and candidates. By registering with our company; candidates allow us to send their information to clients in a confidential manner.

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